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Georgian Fly Fishing Club start from 2008.

Georgian Fly Fishing Club is first Club in Georgia & Caucasus region.

Georgian Fly Fishing Club & IFFA.

Georgian Fly Fishing Club is official & exclusive distributor of company in Georgia.

From 2014 our club started brown trout restoration project in natural habitat.

In 2016 Club release Brown trout in natural habitat.

In 2016 start, first fly fishing tournament in Georgia, Mtirala cup 2016.

We are couple of enthusiastic men from Georgian Republic (Caucasus).
Our goal is to develop Fly Fishing “culture” in our country, and founded Georgian Fly Fishing club (GFFC)- with school of fly fishing & fly tying.
Just 10-15 people knew here about Fly Fishing, and half of them never held the fly rod in hands. But now we become 4-5 times larger in number, and more and more are joining us in this warm and growing family.
We are proud that our first steps was successful, which was including promotion of fly fishing and a catch & release, and fly tying as well during younger generation.
Our main goals are to attract young Generation in advantages of healthy life, protecting the nature and treat the beautiful waters of Georgia!.

We are pleased to have a chance to become a member of such a big family as IFFA, also we built a very friendly relations with some fly-fishing clubs outside our region.
For now Georgian Fly Fishing Club is proud to have first fly shop in capital of the country ( Tbilisi ), and a department for beginner fly fishers / tiers that is aimed to help them developing their skills in the field and by the tying table as well.

Thank for spending your time.

Management of  Georgian Fly Fishing club.
Tbilisi, Georgia - 2008.   

Georgian  Fly  Fishing  Club

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